Legal Aid

Oracle Policy Automation – Billing Assessment rulebase for Legal Aid at Legal Services Commission.

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The process of applying for legal aid at Legal Services Commission would previously require considerable time wait due to an inefficient system along with significant manual effort required by case workers. Capgemini has been contracted to implement some parts of the new IT system including the billing part.

The billing rulebase consists of a complex data model and interview screens which are exposed via Oracle Web Determinations. The OPA solution is integrated within a complex technical stack compromising of a further 2 OPA rulebases, Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) and Provider User Interface (PUI). Some case information comes from EBS and PUI, and other information is supplied by the provider via a web based interface. The rulebase consists of 34 child entities, enables the user to enter the allowable bills and determines the total amount of the bills. In addition, the rulebase determines what evidence is required and which LSC team the bills and payments on accounts should be routed to.

The new IT system enables to deliver Legal Aid in a simpler, faster and more efficient way. It transformed the processes of applying for, management of, and claiming payment in civil legal aid. Claiming payments for civil legal aid is now completed electronically where data are validated so that forms are not delayed by missing information.

The new system allows providers to submit civil applications and bills to the LSC electronically using simple web based interface. It reduces processing times from weeks to days to hours and significantly reduces if not eliminates application rejects. At the same time it enables LSC to deliver savings, reduces operating costs for providers and eliminates rework caused by rejects.