Facing up to the digital challenge with new ways of producing, promoting and distributing content. VCS brings business insight, advanced research and powerful technologies to the media and entertainment industry. Our solutions and consulting can help you drive operational transformation and create new customer value.

Client Challenges

An exponential growth of online media users is challenging the established business models for media and information services companies and creating new revenue opportunities. Digital is now a reality and the need to adapt to change has left many media companies struggling to survive. How do you respond to the continued pressure to reduce operational costs while finding new sources of revenues, improving the quality of service and winning the loyalty of digital customers? The unprecedented challenges you face include the entry of global internet players to the market and an exponential increase in the amount of user generated content. There are also issues with ongoing piracy and existing revenue models that are under constant pressure or breaking down completely.

The speed of this change has been phenomenal. Media companies now have to find new ways of producing, promoting and distributing content in order to monetise their assets. The consumer is in charge. Companies must transform their business models and seize new opportunities to deliver content in the way that customers want (linear or on-demand, at home or on the move, for collective or individual consumption) on all devices. These include PCs, mobile phones and the game-changing iPad and other tablets.


Print & Publishing

Publishing agents whether is newspapers, magazines, books or journals arepresured to reinvent subscription models. They rapidlt need to repurpose titles and brands as mobile and Web content. They must also leverage demographics and user behavior more effectively. Many have succeeded in delivering more targeted-and profitable-print and electronic publications.

Web Services

We design and implement multi-channel content search and distribution solutions to be used on different mobile and fixed end devices. Our solutions often include electronic trade and a geographic information based service. Implementing IT services as a cloud service ensures good scalability and is also a cost-effective option.



    Improve retention rates and enable cross- and up-sell opportunities by combining subscription management with the power of CRM.


      Create and automate export of content into XML formats  with our powerful tools. Integrate  enterprise content management systems and editorial collaboration platforms.


    Change the way you manage information with the ever-growing social media channel by implementing new approaches to data analytics and CRM.


    Refine your approach to evaluating and developing custom mobile apps as the engine for new revenue opportunities