Business Process Management

Automate and control core business processes to continuously improve efficiency, customer experience and maintain compliance of your organisation in a cost effective, agile and dynamic way with the right technology solution.

Business Needs

Today’s organisations need to become more agile and effective thus the need of technology solutions that enables them to better understand, manage and adapt their core business processes which defines the unique value they offer to the marketplace and differentiates them from competition.

Consequently, BPM applications can be highly challenging in order to be successful; BPM requires a combination of thorough business analysis, the right technology selection, as well as the necessary management and employee workflow change.

The results are highly rewarding, however. Successful BPM projects can help transform businesses, giving them better insight, enabling them to deliver their services flexibly and dynamically and supporting the level of agility that the business requires.

Today’s progressive organizations have embraced advanced process automation and case management capabilities to:

  • Reduce the time-to-market for deploying solutions
  • Reduce associated costs and revenue loss from inefficient processes
  • Align with customer and clients expectations
  • Retain compliance
  • Centralise operations across organisation divisions
  • Standardise operations and deliver consistent services
  • Meet the changing needs of service requesters and providers

Our expertise

A complete BPM Suite that can be deployed on-site or in the cloud.

Oracle Business Process Management Suite and Case Management platform:

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Rule Management
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Integrated Content Management 

Featured Products

Business Process Management

The BPM tool enables managers to optimise business processes and gain deeper business insight and greater desired business impact through strategic planning and automation.

  • Support process improvement across the broadest range of business operations
  • Improve decision-making, accelerate work streams, and improve customer service
  • Deliver smarter, process-based applications with the integration of process, content, collaboration, communication, and analytic capabilities
  • Deliver a complete business transformation platform linking enterprise strategies through to global execution

Business Architecture

Business Architecture solutions deliver an easy to use, complete platform for enterprise transformation, planning, modeling, and architecture. Linking strategy to execution, you can make smarter decisions faster in order to respond quickly to pressing business challenges.

  • Create blueprints to enable effective business transformation
  • Ensure BPM programs deliver the expected results
  • Document standards to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Optimize your ERP investments for maximum success
  • Provides a single central source for change and improvement

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management solutions combine workflow, content management, business rules, portal, and collaboration tools, which collectively allow for the completion of an entire ‘case’ or unit of work.

  • Improve response times, reduce operational costs, and provide better customer service with a flexible and agile solution
  • Manage, govern, and optimize even your most unpredictable or ad hoc processes
  • Provide users with the flexibility to determine the next action to better serve customers

Reporting and Analytics

Advanced dashboard reporting and analytics to increase visibility into processes, enabling better measurement and ultimately, smarter business decisions by management.

  • Empower business stakeholders to take action as quickly as possible
  • Meet service level objectives by monitoring process performance metrics
  • Improve decisions with better data aggregation, correlation, and visualization