Practical IT solutions and services to keep pace with the changing rules of retail and wholesale sector’s and stay ahead of the business challenges.

Client Challenges

Retail & Consumer Products Solutions

Retail and consumer product companies operate in highly dynamic environments with new challenges and opportunities emerging constantly. A new generation of digitally savvy customers embracing smart device for shopping expect retailers to engage with them on all fronts – social media, in-store, online and on their mobile. In this rapidly evolving industry it is paramount to meet your customers’ needs via multi-channel distribution integrating multichannel services seamlessly into your core business solutions.

We help you use information-based management to improve your retail and wholesale business processes and supply chain ensuring commercial success in a customer oriented marketplace. You will be able to take operational data and turn it into valuable insights that not only boost your efficiency but also drive new business.


We deliver business solutions in the following areas:

  • Core business optimisation
    Retail and wholesale sector companies need the agility to quickly react to fast-changing business dynamics as well as retain competitive edge.

    Our offerings help you leverage our in-depth technology expertise to work at the heart of these industries tackling the everyday operational challenges such as assortment planning, demand forecasting, warehouse management and replenishment.

  • Digital consumer services

    Today’s UK consumers are more demanding than ever, and retailers must be prepared to adapt to their channel preferences if they want to keep up with them.

    In this modern era of digital proliferation consumers expect a quick, easy and convenient service experience across all channels. With online and mobile expanding fast companies cannot afford to allow complementary sales channels to remain isolated silos. They need to become an integrated part of your retail portfolio and customer service experience.

    We help you reorganise and construct your cross-channel retail portfolio, attract and reach these savvy consumers via online, mobile and traditional shopping channels. We guide you through the hurdles that you encounter when trying to turn multi-channel challenges into retail success.

    Our offerings include customer intelligence solutions that helps turn existing data into useful information allowing retailers to identify what matters most to their customers or measure the success of your promotional campaigns.

  • Multichannel Services

  • Retail ERP

    Once retailers built technology platforms to address a specific problems, from supply chain management to pricing. However this approach is becoming increasingly obsolete as any supplementary  procedure adds a further technology layer leading to extra costs, complexity and ultimately operational inefficiencies.

    Moreover as retailers expand and have more channels to interconnect and integrate, they are also left with larger datasets to manage. Consequently core systems must become seamless, underpinned by exceptionally fast data processing.

    In addition to creating a solid technology base, customer-facing technologies need to be seamlessly intergrated themselves, as even when consumers are not shopping, they’re evaluating retailers and products, looking at their friends’ shopping habits through social media, or reading online reviews.

    By investing in powerful analytics  and cloud-based solutions we help clients develop new capabilities to meet the demands of the ever-changing retail marketplace and bring the current multitude of platforms, applications and architectures under one standardised umbrella.

    Our end-to-end retail services span the full spectrum of consulting, technology and outsourcing, and help retailers:

    • Build seamless platforms: by bringing all platforms, applications and architectures under one standardised umbrella.
    • Streamline inventory management, pricing and warehouse management.
    • Strengthen core and back-office applications, including finance and HR.
    • Scaling up as product assortment expands.

The VCS Advantage

We have a powerful vendor network that allows us to provide customized solutions to help retailers reduce cost and improve performance, including:

  • Microsoft
  • OpenERP
  • Oracle

Solutions We Offer

We cater to all the sub-industries including the following:

  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Consumer Electronic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Household & Personal Care