The dynamics of today’s telecoms industry are shifting fast. New devices, such as tablets and smartphones, unlimited mobile usage and new offers associated with cloud computing must all be built into evolving network strategies.

Client Challenges

The dramatic advances in online services, smart phones and high-speed fibre networks have created a significant bandwidth challenge and telecoms operators that only a few years ago invested in 3G must now move ahead with fibre optics and 4G as Long Term Evolution (LTE) gathers pace.

There is considerable risk of the operator’s role being reduced to simply providing connections and interconnections as software publishers, internet giants and mobile phone or computer manufacturers win the battle of content and services. Even control of the connections cannot be guaranteed given the ever increasing pressure from manufacturers and internet companies seeking to extend their business models.

Within this rapidly changing landscape companies are looking for new market segments and revenue streams, facing tremendous challenges on improving profit margins, offering services beyond voice and data. Telecoms organisations are forging increasing presure for mergers & acquisitions, partnerships and must find ways to deliver a differentiating customer experience in order to reduce customer churn.

The ultimate aim is to enhance the customer experience, sharpen the offering and increase profitability. And the pace has to be fast because time-to-market is business-critical.

In a market where the uncertainty is greater than ever, operators and service providers will need to become even more agile and responsive. Thus business-driven IT is becoming an increasingly critical success factor.

The path to sustainability is to build on core knowledge, while cutting costs and reinvesting the savings in new developments, improvements and customer-oriented solutions. Standardisation is increasing and more and more services are moving up to the cloud.

We can help by providing players in the telecoms industry with solutions that reflect current issues and evolving technologies. With specific solutions for managing the end customer and ensuring quality of service (QoS), we provide our clients with cost savings, total QoS and agreed outcomes in the core areas of Service  Management; Rating, Billing and Customer Financial Management (CFM) Solutions; Customer Journey; and Mobile & Digital Life.

Our Offering

VCS’ solutions and service offerings address the entire landscape of telecom equipment vendors and telecom service providers including R&D, consulting, operations and Enterprise IT. Our solutions help you identify and address the challenges and opportunities created by convergence of applications, networks or content.

Our consultants bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience of the telecommunications industry ecosystem by virtue of engaging with the world’s leading equipment vendors and service providers.

We partner with you to build and implement innovative strategies and solutions to help you remain competitive, improve processes and infrastructure, and transform the way you conduct business.

We help our customers to:
  • Increase quality and free up capital with cost-effective system lifecycle management.
  • Increase competitive edge by transforming – from legacy systems to platforms based on COTS and Open Source.
  • Enhance the user experience by improving and automating customer processes.
  • Reduce time-to-market with more efficient and flexible service development – from analysis to implementation and operation.

We accompany our customers when systems are integrated, platforms migrated and new services launched.

We are experts in the  know how efficient CRM and provisioning systems can be combined to enhance the customer experience.