Leveraging contemporary technology solutions to reduce operational expenditure, invest in process improvement, utilize existing capacity optimally and increase efficiencies, while maintaining product quality and meeting safety and regulatory norms.



Automotive industry and their partners are facing radical changes to their businesses with the emergence of new digital technology and the re-distribution of global supply chains.

We can help to successfully harness emerging technologies such as ERP, BPM, and analytics, ensuring customer centricity in daily operations. In addition, we help improve the core manufacturing and supply chain processes of our clients to compete in a fast-changing automotive market.

Industrial Manufacturing

Global supply chains, localised products and virtualised product development are changing the nature of Industrial Manufacturing. Additionally, industrial manufacturers must adopt new business models to move from pure product selling to services and solutions for their end customers.

We help makers of durable and non-durable products harness technology to adapt operations for new markets, roll out new collaboration platforms and refine IT management systems allowing you to make valid, fact based decisions.


Manufacturing – ERP intergration
Integrated and agile ERP solutions are a core part of running profitable business. For the ERP systems to really be integrated into your manufacturing business, you need an IT partner who understands not only the different solutions, but also your business.

We will guide you to choose the most suitable ERP solution for your company and integrate it as part of your manufacturing operations management.

VCS’s ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry:

  • ERP solutions based on Oracle Fusion Application & Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Manufacturing operations management (MOM)

Advanced manufacturing operations management integrates your corporate ERP systems and the factory level operations management and manufacturing executions systems, all the way to shop floor employees and production equipment. As a result maximum efficiencies can be achieved as well as higher yields in manufacturing specialised in customer specific products and mass customisation.

Competitive edge comes from faster lead times and shorter business cycle. Life cycle services provide the basis for customer engagement and further value creation. Outsourcing and partner networks bring efficiency to the business. Mobility enables faster business cycle and transparency regardless of time and location. Last but not least, industry restructuring means that mergers, acquisitions and start-ups call for agile solutions.

Business benefits

  • Increased productivity with improved throughput and decreased costs.
  • Extended flexibility during all phases of the life cycle.
  • High business value combined with low total cost of ownership.
  • More advanced working processes for increased efficiency.
  • Easier and more transparent subcontractor and supply chain management.

The system contains all the features to support your business:

  • Visual interactive capacity and schedule management.
  • Shop floor control and time & attendance.
  • Production quality management.
  • Sub-contractor shop floor extension.
  • Integration: ERP, machine, CAD, PDM, document management.
  • Service and after-sales.
  • Mobile service for field engineers.
  • Sales, purchase, warehouse management.
  • Transparent all-in-one multi-site environment.