Business Rules & Policy Automation

Business rules management (BRM) is the administration and automation of business rules. The goal of BRM is to increase organisational agility, responsiveness, and overall operational efficiency.


Modern enterprises require “intelligent” business process management systems that can thrive in complex, highly dynamic operational environments. An efficient process management solution, however, can only be as good as its business rules capabilities. In a sense, business rules constitue the intellect of a BPM system.

In order for business process decisions to be automated, an organisation’s goals, procedures, and policies – and the repeatable decisions associated with those policies, such as claim approvals, cross-sell offer selection, pricing calculations and eligibility determinations – must be translated into a set of business rules that can be applied to individual cases and interactions. The more sophisticated the business rules capability, the farther will be the reach of your BPM system.


  • Increased organisational agility and responsiveness.
  • Improved efficiency of business processes through decision automation.
  • Reduced dependency on an IT department to make changes to business logic.
  • Improved decision management and dynamic case management efforts.

Our offering

VCS delivers advanced Business Rules / Policy Automation solutions based on Oracle Policy Automation that helps organisations:

  • Automate Business Decisions, Strategies and Processes to improve the agility and performance of their operations.
  • Comply with latest regulations, policies, laws and legislations.
  • Model & deploy decision rules of varied types including decision trees, decision maps, and decision tables.
  • Achieve consistency across multiple channels (web, mobile, contact center and face to face, self service).
  • Deliver modern user interfaces for customer interactions in sales and support functions.
  • Enable non-technical business users to be directly involved in business rules management.
  • Obtain detailed decision reporting to understand how decisions are reached.
  • Assess on the impact of policy changes.
  • Reduce cost through integration with major platforms both legacy and modern systems.
  • Enable flexible decision automation for applications and processes that are subject to complex, variable and evolving business rules.

Our Value Proposition

  • Rapid rules authoring environment usable by IT and non-IT users.
  • Combination of Rules Engine, Process Automation, Rules Modelling and Intelligent User Interface generation.
  • High performance rules engine deployable everywhere; server, cloud, desktop and mobile devices.

Sectors & Solutions

  • Banking & Financial Services: Advisory, Risk Assessment & Decision Automation.
  • Manufacturing: Resource Optimisation and Product Configuration.
  • Process & Energy: Process Analysis, Monitoring and Optimisation.
  • Public Sector: Tax and Benefits calculations.
  • Telecommunications: Technical Support.


Interested in learning more?

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