Travel & Hospitality

Companies in the Travel and Hospitality industries leverage technology to comprehensively, innovatively and cost-effectively address their most pressing business needs.

Client Challenges

The challenge faced today by companies in the travel & hospitality industries is the pressing need to expand globally while managing costs, optimising and standardising processes.

As a result it necessitates the creation of an agile IT architecture capable of seamlessly integrating merged or acquired entities as well as managing the increasingly complex customer acquisition and interaction lifecycle.

Further more, technology needs to be leveraged to innovate business models and improving competitiveness including speed-to-market and management of an ever-increasing portfolio of products and services. Last but not least is the pressing issue of regulatory compliance within the EU which makes IT an active enabler of green initiatives.

 Our Offering

We help travel and hospitality companies manage revenue cost equations, operate existing businesses effectively and build new transformational programs. VCS provides transformation services in enterprise systems, application modernisation, e-commerce, transaction processing systems and loyalty management solutions.

Restaurant & Food Services

Changing markets and customer demands are creating opportunities for forward-thinking companies to re-imagine the way they engage with their guests, partners and employees. Restaurant and food service providers are seeking help with their online ordering, social monitoring, customer analytics, consumer insights, supply chain optimisation and store and restaurant operations to become more efficient and customer-centric.

Travel Suppliers

Travel suppliers are being forced to drive value in increasingly creative ways. From driving ancillary revenue via multiple channels to transforming the reservation process and integrating property management, we help clients drive more revenue and enhance customer service while also delivering efficiencies.

In this age of big data, we can also help travel suppliers make sense of the myriad of data sources through an integrated BI solution that not only empowers analysts, but also provides executive level reporting and dashboards tracking key performance indicators.

ERP Implementation

VCS is helping travel & hospitality organisations move to a unified, new generation ERP system (Oracle Fusion) consolidating  back office and enterprise ERP system into a single source of truth for P&L, inventory, labor and cost.