Market Research

Reporting & Analytics

    Our reporting and analytics services incorporate business intelligence, predictive analysis, interactive dashboards, statistical modeling, Web and social media analytics.
  • Business intelligence and predictive analytics
  • Web/social media analytics
  • Big data analytics
  • Advanced analytics and statistical modeling
  • Interactive dashboards

Data Collection & Processing

    We use the latest CATI, CAWI and data warehousing tools to provide:
  • Data collection systems
  • Data processing
  • Data management services and warehousing
  • Big data management

Survey Management

    Management of surveys from design and creation through administration, using leading tools like IBM SPSS,  R Project or custom applications.
  • Online/traditional survey programming
  • Mobile/social/interactive survey programming
  • Campaign management
  • Survey hosting on cloud and other platforms

Sample/Panel Management

    Using CRM and BPM tools, we create and manage samples and panels, providing the software necessary for full analysis.
  • Panel management and maintenance
  • Panel migration
  • Sample management
  • Loyalty management system